Township Services

SNA has played a leading role in the planning, design and construction of townships in many towns and villages throughout South Africa. Through this involvement SNA has developed expert skills in the planning, design and construction of the following residential as well as industrial township services:

  • Arterial roads                                                  
  • Bus routes
  • Residential and Industrial streets
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Bridges and culverts
  • Wet services (water and sewer reticulation)

With more than thirty years experience in this field SNA can provide town planners with valuable assistance in the technical and economic evaluation of planning alternatives.

In addition to the design of new services SNA can also offer clients expert advice on the maintenance and upgrading of existing infrastructure. Particular fields of expertise include:  

  • Upgrading of infrastructure in previously disadvantaged communities.
  • Flood repairs
  • Pavement management systems                    
  • Rehabilitation of roads and streets
  • Funding applications (Business Plans)

SNA further has extensive experience in the application of labour intensive construction methods in the construction of new works as well as in the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure.