Road Engineering

Since its inception in 1955 SNA has in particular specialised in the field of Road Engineering which has been its core field of enterprise over the years.

SNA has planned, designed and supervised the construction of hundreds of kilometres of surfaced rural and urban roads, freeways and interchanges and played a major role in the development of the road infrastructure network of Southern Africa.

The firm has undertaken projects for almost all the State Road Authorities in South Africa as well as various Local Authorities, other large private bodies and neighbouring countries.

As the road infrastructure network has developed, it has required maintenance and rehabilitation to provide the public with good roads. SNA has developed skills in Road Pavement Management Systems and Road Rehabilitation Systems and is able to offer clients specialist services in this field.

SNA offers professional services in the full spectrum of skills required for developing roads, freeways and access and fully directional interchanges in South Africa including the development and integration of the following:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Route evaluation and location
  • Traffic studies
  • Consultation with national, provincial and local authorities and the public
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Negotiation with utility owners for the relocation of services
  • Geometric design
  • Pavement design
  • Materials investigation, utilisation and design
  • Storm water drainage design
  • Bridges and other road related structures design
  • Project documentation and tender evaluation
  • Project management and site supervision
  • Weighbridge Designs

 With the on-going need to maintain the existing South African Road Network, SNA has developed effective methods regarding the rehabilitation of both rigid and flexible pavements.

Some facets of this specialist field include the following:

  • Visual surveys
  • ln-situ field testing
  • Pavement analysis and deterioration models
  • Pavement strategies
  • Value engineering and economic analysis
  • Specialised project documentation and tender evaluation
  • Project management and site supervision

Through its involvement as the leading Consulting Engineer for the Witbank to Maputo toll road of the Maputo Development Corridor, SNA has developed specialised skills in Build, Operate and Transfer Projects in Southern Africa.

SNA has developed good relationships with emerging consultants in South Africa and has entered into numerous joint venture partnerships with these companies and has also been involved with technical skill transfer in this regard.