Laboratory Services

SNALAB is a trading branch of SNA Civil and Structural Engineers (Pty) Ltd. as well as various site laboratories.

SNALAB Pretoria

The laboratory was established as “Padmaak Laboratorium Dienste” in 1961. On 24th April 1981, the laboratory became member No 109 of the South African Association for Civil Engineering Laboratories. A new testing facility was constructed during 1997 in Samcorpark Pretoria.

The laboratory moved to 191 Vonkprop Street and was established under the new logo, SNALAB Pretoria, on 29th October 1997. SNALAB Pretoria is ISO 17025 accredited since June 2007 accreditation number : T0345.

SNALAB Richards Bay

The laboratory was established in July 1993 as a commercial testing laboratory for the Alusaf project and other commercial work.


Various site laboratories are in operation through out South Africa on various SNA Civil and Structural Engineers (Pty) Ltd projects.  Site laboratories implements and maintain.  Technical requirements as per ISO 17025 and SNALAB Quality manual.

  • Civil Engineering Surveys - Centerline, Borrow-pit and Geotechnical surveys.
  • Soil and Gravel Road and Foundation indicator, MDD, CBR, UCS , ITS Stabilisation Design, Densities and Quality Control Testing.
  • Bituminous binders and Modified Binders - Quality control testing 
  • Asphalt and Slurry - Full Marshall control testing and Mix Designs Slurry Mix Designs, Core Drilling and testing
  • Concrete - Quality Control Testing - Mix Designs - Core Drilling and testing Concrete Durability testing
  • Chemical tests - PH, Conductivity and various Weathering tests.
  • Aggregates - Grading- ACV, 10% Fact's
  • The Management of SNALAB is committed to client satisfaction by conforming to agreed requirements at all times. 
  • The Management of SNALAB shall strive to maintain an open and constructive relationship with all clients and all other stakeholders. 
  • The Management of SNALAB will ensure that all staff are familiar with and undertake to comply with the requirements detailed in the Quality Management System.
  • The implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System
  • Good housekeeping
  • The elimination of mistakes Customer satisfaction.

SNA Civil and Structural Engineers (Pty) Ltd of which SNALAB is a division of and has the same BEE status.


SNALAB upliftment policy includes the following :

  • Bursaries to various institution.
  • In-house training and transferring of skills followed by:
    • Evaluations by SANAS approved
    • Technical assessor Level promotions
  • Obtaining drivers licenses
  • Occupational Health and Safety training.
  • Company loans for improvement of personal housing.

SNALAB is committed to comply to the statutory requirements laid down by the Occupational Health and Safety Act through implementation of requirements.  Regular audits by external companies assure the compliance with the Act.