Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Policy

The principal objective of SNA Civil & Structural Engineers is to achieve and exceed its Client’s specified requirements in the course of the delivery of a professional service by means of value engineering, initiative, technical innovation and excellence, as well as the result of efficient management and professional work.

SNA Civil & Structural Engineers recognises that the achievement of its SHEQ Policy results from good management, organisation, planning, communication and teamwork.  A Management System, in which self-verification and improvements are the goals, will ensure that the policy will be achieved.

To demonstrate our firm commitment to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, we shall:

  • establish appropriate management to minimize risk through:
    •  a commitment of continual improvement towards the prevention of pollution and environmental   degradation.
    •  conducting performance monitoring and measurement.
    •  commitment towards prevention of injury  and ill health.
    •  comply with applicable legislative and other requirements SNA Civil & Structural Engineers  subscribes to.
  • address the needs and expectations of our customers
  • ensure that SHEQ is an integral part of our operations and that no operating conditions or urgency of service, justifies exposing anyone to a negative risk arising out of  SNA Civil & Structural Engineers activities, causing an accident or damage to the environment.
  • appraise our SHEQ performance with the objective of continual improvement.
  • ensure that SHEQ objectives are established and periodically reviewed.
  • promote on- and off-the-job SHEQ practices for all our employees.
  • engage employees by promoting open communication, training and motivating them in the development on the requirements of SHEQ.
  • ensure that our suppliers and service providers integrate SHEQ issues into their operations.
  • conduct SNA Civil & Structural Engineers business with respect and care for people and their environment.
  • ensure that adequate resources are available for SHEQ management.

Compliance with the SHEQ Policy will facilitate the achievement of SNA Civil & Structural Engineers strategic objectives and shall be the responsibility of all persons working for or on behalf of SNA Civil & Structural Engineers.